Who are we ?

JADE Belgium is the Belgian federation of Junior Enterprises. A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organization, formed and managed exclusively by students of higher education, which realize projects, in relations to their fields of studies, for companies.

They apply their theoretical knowledge on real problems of the market, develop their entrepreneurial skills by running the association and benefit from the guidance of teachers and professionals. Junior Enterprises are similar to real companies, counting with the principles of corporate governance like management council and executive board.
The JADE Belgium's mission is to sensibilize and promote the entrepreneurial spirit into the higher education (bachelor and master level) through the development of the Junior Enterprise concept.

Concretely, we assure the development of the network in Belgium, the contact between the Belgian Junior Entrepreneurs. To meet the needs and ambitions of Junior Enterprises, JADE Belgium is organized around three main goals:

  1. Form and support Junior Enterprises to ensure to their customers a high level of quality by an audit program and the organization of strategic and national meetings;
  2. Promote and develop the concept of Junior Enterprise, Junior-entrepreneur profile and entrepreneurship in Belgium:
    • Integrate new structures: aspiring Junior Initiatives and Junior initiatives (the first step before becoming a Junior Enterprise)
    • Represent the Belgian Junior Enterprises internationally, by the politics & press and by the partners, companies and public organizations
  3. Organize and disseminate the knowledge sharing and feedback, particularly around national events.
Looking for a Junior Entreprise ?

A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit business structure developed and entirely managed by students (Junior Entrepreneurs). The Junior Entrepreneurs offer different services to various firms and organizations from the public and private sector.

As an organization, you benefit from reliable and high quality services at competitive prices.

Our partners


EASI publishes management software, carries out development projects for mobile applications and provides IT infrastructure solutions and services. EASI has been proclaimed the Best Workplace in Belgium in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

JADE Europe

JADE – the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises – is an international, non-profit umbrella-organisation of associations across Europe established and managed solely by students.

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