About us

JADE Belgium


The first Belgian Junior Enterprise (the concept here), EAA Consult, currently Hec-Ulg Advisory, was created in 1991 in Liège. A couple of years later (1998), Junior entrepreneurs decided to get together within the Belgian Confederation of Junior Enterprises

Some years ago, they moved from a confederated structure to a new one under the name of Fédération Belge des Junior Entreprises (FBJE).

In 2007, following the creation of the first Flemish Junior Enterprise (AFC) and after joining the JADE network, the FBJE decided to be renamed as JADE Belgium, also called Belgian federation of Junior Enterprises

JADE network


JADE Belgium is part of the European Confederation of Junior-EnterprisesJADE, founded in 1992.

The European network brings together more than 28 associations across 200 universities particularly through some international events such as biannual congresses (Spring Meeting and Summer Meeting) and global congresses every two years (Junior Enterprises World Conference). 

The European network consists now of 14 members : JADE Belgium, UNIPartners (The Netherlands), BDSU (Germany), CNJE (France), JADE Italia, JADE Switzerland, JADE Austria, CEJE (Spain), WBC UK, JADE Portugal, JADE Romania, Next JE (Croatia), HandelsConsulting (Sweden) and JADE Poland.  

Junior Enterprise worldwide


At a global level, we count still many Junior Enterprises and Confederations including Brazil (Brasil Junior),Tunisia (Junior Enterprises of Tunisia Rises) and Canada (Canadian Junior Consulting Confederation).