Hire a Junior Enterprise to help you improve your business, and support student-entrepreneurship.

Junior Enterprises are composed of bright, resourceful and entrepreneurial students looking for an intellectually stimulating experience and the occasion to develop their skills. When working on a project or a research, they are committed to step up their game in order to deliver excellent services at a competitive price.

Depending on their field of studies, Junior Entrepreneurs offer different kinds of services to various firms and organizations from the public and private sector. They bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and the business world through professional project work and managing the Junior Enterprise as a small company.

Junior-Entreprises services include, but not limited to market studies, business plans, web & mobile development, online advertising, social media, legal services, SEO/SEM, websites, communication plans, image audits, events management, etc.

Find the closest Junior Enterprise to your business and get in touch to see what benefits you can get from us.

Joining a Junior-Entreprise is the best decision I’ve ever made as a student. Working on projects, collaborating in a diverse team and meeting clients, allowed me to develop both my soft and hard skills in an entrepreneurial environment. Junior-Entreprises is simply the right environment for resourceful students to prosper. And to be fair, it is also an affordable option for small businesses and startups to get quality consulting & other professional services and why not, meeting their next recruits

- Axel M. Makangu, Vice-President 2016-2017

Find the Junior Entreprise you need by domain of expertise

Websites audit/development LSM Conseil (Louvain-la-neuve),
JEN Consult (Namur),
N-HiTec (Liège),
Other IT Solutions N-HiTec (Liège),
LSM Conseil (Louvain-la-neuve),
YEP'tech Mons (Mons)
Strategy LSM Conseil (Louvain-la-neuve),
JEN Consult (Namur),
Solvay Brussels School - Student Consulting Club (Bruxelles)
Marketing JEN Consult (Namur),
LSM Conseil (Louvain-la-neuve),
ICHEC (Bruxelles),
JEWACS (Mons),
Solvay Brussels School - Student Consulting Club (Bruxelles)
Finance HEC Advisory (Liège),
ICHEC (Bruxelles),
Solvay Brussels School - Student Consulting Club (Bruxelles)
Engineering LSM Conseil (Louvain-la-neuve),
AFC (Leuven),
N-HiTec (Electronic Engineering - Liège),
YEP'tech Mons (Mechanical & Civil Engineering - Mons)
Accounting Solvay Brussels School - Student Consulting Club (Bruxelles)
Law AFC (Leuven),
LLN Juris Club (Louvain-la-neuve)
Innovation Solvay Brussels School - Student Consulting Club (Bruxelles)
Operational research YEP'tech Mons (Mons)

The 8 Belgian Junior Enterprises:

The 2 Belgian Junior Initiatives: